Prevent eBook Theft – 3 Simple Points to Keep in Mind

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Stop eBook TheftAn author today was asking me how they can prevent eBook theft.  I know many authors, and most of them agree in the fact that they do not want to see people using their eBooks without authorization, whether for financial gain or any other reason.  I can’t blame them.  I know just how much time and energy is put into the creation of these eBooks.

Here are some simple points that will help you in preventing ebook theft:

  •  Make sure to always include a Copyright Statement and Terms of Use for your eBooks.
  • Store your eBook files in a safe place.  Are your files on your website, google drive, on your tablet or laptop, etc..  Make sure they are at least within a password protected directory.
  • Use an anti-piracy software package such as Virtual Vault or Secure-eBook.  Out of the many different ebook security programs I’ve tried, these are my favorites. Quick, easy and effective. 🙂

So, after many weeks or many months of writing your eBook, you finally have finished the final touches.  You can sit back, stretch and let out a long sigh of relief.  After you convert it to PDF or any other eBook format, you should re-read my simple points above and act on them to ensure you’ve at least put in an effort to prevent ebook theft.

It’s been proven in various studies that those people who search specifically for your eBook title, would have in fact purchased your eBook if they could not find it for free online after an exhaustive search.  This directly results in lost sales for you!

Prevent eBook Theft


Please do your due-diligence and prevent eBook theft by utilizing the above mentioned points and if you feel your eBook has already been pirated, contact me so I can help stop eBook theft today.

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