• hello
    I spent a good month of my time looking for an efficient anti-pirating service. One popular service that I used briefly was quite cheap (I should have seen the signs) and charged $19/month. Much to my dismay, I really don't think this anti-piracy “service” did not actually do any active anti-pirating or removals on my behalf. They automatically gave me a long list of sites in my account.  I had to remember to log into the website each day so I could wade through everything to find the actual infringing site, ensure I have the correct URL, and then list it or check it on their website. This put most of the burden personally on me. More importantly, this method – based on automatic methods in combination with my own inadequate searches — was guaranteed to be ineffective. I was very disappointed, in myself and this other service, when Dan kindly showed me some examples of sites which were currently providing my eBook for free, even while I was paying the other company to do this very job! Stop eBook Theft has let me breathe again and get back to my writing. After the initial removal from all the infringing sites, for $50/month, they are constantly protecting my ebook. Pirates no longer are ripping off my books and I will be sure to use Stop eBook Theft when my next book is released. I highly recommend Dan and his devoted team.
  • Brenda B
    By being a self-published author, completing a novel, publishing it and seeing the first few sales come in is exciting at first as it is a sign that you have made a book worth reading. Very shortly afterwards it becomes quite a challenge searching for ways to avoid piracy of my eBook. Finding ways to prevent piracy of my eBook started to become irritating quickly!  At this stage, I was close to being convinced that there was no way to prevent the pirating of my hard work. It was such a relief to find there was still hope! This relief came to me by Dan at Stop eBook Theft. I could measure the great progress, quality and efficiency of his work, but honestly I don't have the time!  I love being able to not worry about piracy for even a second and concentrate on writing instead. Thank you so much for your work!
  • David P
    My agent and I used to try to do the DMCA takedowns on our own, but it was quite a pain! It was time-consuming and honestly a losing battle. Handing everything over to Stop eBook Theft was one of the best decisions we made. Dan and his team are quite diligent with searching for and performing every individual takedown. They do a great job…and at this quality, at a very reasonable price.
  • Adrienne D
    Immediately, I must say that I am thrilled with Stop eBook Theft. From being in the writer community, I know they have some large clients so I'm grateful they took on a small author such as myself.  haha  Just a couple months into my monthly removal and monitoring service, I see that my e-Book is selling much better than prior to starting with Stop eBook Theft. I am very happy that now I am actually getting some sales from overseas, whereas previously there were zero sales. I no longer have that sinking feeling when prior to this service I found a long list of websites offering unauthorized free downloads of my books. I am not naive and know the pirating will never end, but I'm very grateful that I don't have to focus on that subject anymore. Thank you Dan for your great services which have already saved me time and money!

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