About Us

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A Little Info About What We Do

Stop eBook TheftStop eBook Theft is a very specialized digital Anti-Piracy service.  Our teams complete focus is to locate and remove unauthorized eBook listings from a multitude of illegal file-sharing websites.  A recent eBook piracy study has shown that this eBook theft and piracy is costing North American publishers and authors $3 billion!

Our team at Stop eBook Theft have a passion for this cause and take pride in the work we do.  We love the sense of accomplishment we receive after locating and successfully removing an authors eBook which has been illegally distributed.  We’re here to but a stop to the piracy and to ensure you receive your rightful compensation/royalties for the creativity and time put into writing your book.

Our Mission

It is our mission to protect the author’s rights, their interests and valuable eBooks.  We strongly believe in copyright and some of us know first hand just how labor intensive it is to devote so much of yourself into the creation of your book.  As a result, we’ve taken a stand to help every and any author that comes our way in battling eBook piracy.

How We Do It

Stop eBook TheftThere’s no magic or voodoo here.  It’s a very time intensive process of completing extensive worldwide searches as well as direct communication with the websites in question.  Most websites will remove the illegal listing after we issue a cease & desist/DMCA letter but for the few that ignore us, we will go over their heads in a stronger attempt at removing the illegal listing.

So far, we at Stop eBook Theft, have an excellent track record and have successfully removed over 1000 illegal listings from a wide variety of distribution sites, torrents and warez communities. Let us help you be our next satisfied customer!