Kobogeddon has arrived – Have they pulled your book too?

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kobogeddon#Kobogeddon (Twitter) has been in full swing lately with yours truly included. The Indie Author and Erotica Author communities are up in arms this weekend over Kobo pulling the indie & erotica authors books all of a sudden. Now, Kobo has always said they “support the freedom of expression” BUT in my eyes, this is not supportive at all, in fact it seems they really are censoring Indie & Erotica books.  Sure, I do understand if Kobo or other big media companies want to remove illegal material but to just suddenly remove all indie (self-published) books.. come on Kobo.. that’s what has caused Kobogeddon.  This is ridiculous!  

Understandably, there are many indie & erotica authors out there very worried that their books will not return to Kobo and be available for customers to find and purchase.  If you’re one of these Authors or even just a concerned and surprised citizen (such as myself), please have a look at this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-barnes-and-noble-kobo-leave-our-self-published-and-or-indie-authors-alone.

Kobo is going about this all wrong.  If it’s “porn” they are after, why could they not have just quietly reviewed the most “disturbing” titles and books then approach those authors individually?  Also, why even bother censoring and removing “erotica/porn” novels?  We can all easily enough decide if we want to read/buy the book or not for our own selves. Personally, I know of a couple Indie authors who’ve had their normal legal and action/thriller novels removed and I know for a fact there’s no porn, nothing illegal and not even any sexual references of any kind in those…and yet (poof!) they’re now removed. Each day the author’s books are missing is another paycheck they’re missing.  This is their livelihood… of course Kobogeddon was bound to happen and I’m betting it will get worse.  I’ll leave you with a hot, steamy, dirty book porn pic from Kobo…just for you. 😉

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