IsoHunt giant has finally been shut down!

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isohunt garyAfter 7 long years in a constant legal battle with the MPAA, Gary Fung’s giant torrent website, IsoHunt has been shut down.  Google’s approach to anti-piracy by releasing their report and by them actually taking action to limit or outright deny any torrent site with a high DMCA infringement count has worried many Torrent websites… IsoHunt included.  (More on my other Blog post of Google here)  Very shortly after this small hurdle, Gary settled, agreed to pay a $110 million fine (It could have been up to $600 million otherwise) and to shut down IsoHunt.Gary Fung

Gary says to the Vancouver Sun: “It’s sad to see my baby go,” “But I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. 10.5 years of isoHunt has been a long journey by any business definition, and forever in Internet startup time.”

Just thought I’d share this bit of good news to the authors out there who had books pirated and offered for free on IsoHunt.  One less torrent giant to worry about.  Phew!

isohunt shut down

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  1. Gary Fung was a pirate-for-profit, and made a fortune as a thief for over a decade. It is a disgrace that the fine is so low…for him a mere slap on the wrist. It is even more outrageous that despite his criminal acts, he does not face prison time.

  2. Hi Gary, I applaud you for bringing this to the attention of other writers. I have posted this to my FB, T, P and g+ sites. Very interesting article, gives us hope that our hard work would not be pirated. Thanks. Kharis Macey

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