Google vs Pirates – Arrrr!

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google anti-piracyIt’s not just file-sharing sites and torrent sites which receive DMCA takedown notices… Google also is the recipient of these.  Google’s anti-piracy team receives and works on 60+ million requests a year!  Even though Google does not host the actual pirated ebook or even offers an illegal listing for the download, it does have search results which take you to the file-sharing and torrent sites where you can then download the book illegally for free.

There’s some good news now for us advocates of digital anti-piracy!  Google just released a 26-page comprehensive report which outlines their anti-piracy techniques.  The internet giant was quick to let the public know they have hundreds of Googlers (employees) on their anti-piracy team now.  We’re seeing just how clean Google is trying to make their search results now.  They do not want it cluttered with known pirate sites in the search results and have now publicly taken steps in the right direction to disinfect the search results and make a solid effort to only display the legitimate sites hosting the eBook, music or movie being searched.

Worldwide, there are many people, companies and in our case, publishers and authors who are really advocating the new Google changes and are quite hopeful this will result in more sales. As I’ve mentioned before, if it becomes much easier to buy the book and much more difficult to pirate or steal the book, it’s only natural that sales will increase. For the casual reader, the sites which host or give you a link to the illegal download listing for the pirated books will be much more difficult to find.ebook piracy

There’s a large number of people who think this Google change was brought out by the ebook industries to stomp out piracy. It’s great to see this report but there’s still quite a few steps to actually be made before positive changes are seen.

Keep in mind that even if Google is successful in implementing these changes and the pirated ebooks are not showing up immediately in the search results, it doesn’t mean they do not exist.  There are many people who’ve bookmarked various file-sharing and torrent websites so they just immediately hop onto those sites and run a search from within the site (instead of a google search).  For this reason, you will still need to either take the time regularly to appropriately write-up a DMCA request, find the right person and contact info for the right site, send them all the required information etc.. or let us help you so you do not need to worry about any of this.

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