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Harlan Ellison speaks out!

by admin | No Comments

Harlan Ellison is quite the Author! He’s written close to 2000 published works and is quite the big name in this world. He finally speaks out here:

Let me know what you think about what Harlan has to say.

IsoHunt giant has finally been shut down!

by admin | 3 Comments

isohunt garyAfter 7 long years in a constant legal battle with the MPAA, Gary Fung’s giant torrent website, IsoHunt has been shut down.  Google’s approach to anti-piracy by releasing their report and by them actually taking action to limit or outright deny any torrent site with a high DMCA infringement count has worried many Torrent websites… IsoHunt included.  (More on my other Blog post of Google here)  Very shortly after this small hurdle, Gary settled, agreed to pay a $110 million fine (It could have been up to $600 million otherwise) and to shut down IsoHunt.Gary Fung

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Kobogeddon has arrived – Have they pulled your book too?

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kobogeddon#Kobogeddon (Twitter) has been in full swing lately with yours truly included. The Indie Author and Erotica Author communities are up in arms this weekend over Kobo pulling the indie & erotica authors books all of a sudden. Now, Kobo has always said they “support the freedom of expression” BUT in my eyes, this is not supportive at all, in fact it seems they really are censoring Indie & Erotica books.  Sure, I do understand if Kobo or other big media companies want to remove illegal material but to just suddenly remove all indie (self-published) books.. come on Kobo.. that’s what has caused Kobogeddon.  This is ridiculous!  

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Google vs Pirates – Arrrr!

by admin | 2 Comments

google anti-piracyIt’s not just file-sharing sites and torrent sites which receive DMCA takedown notices… Google also is the recipient of these.  Google’s anti-piracy team receives and works on 60+ million requests a year!  Even though Google does not host the actual pirated ebook or even offers an illegal listing for the download, it does have search results which take you to the file-sharing and torrent sites where you can then download the book illegally for free.

There’s some good news now for us advocates of digital anti-piracy!  Google just released a 26-page comprehensive report which outlines their anti-piracy techniques.  The internet giant was quick to let the public know they have hundreds of Googlers (employees) on their anti-piracy team now.  We’re seeing just how clean Google is trying to make their search results now.  They do not want it cluttered with known pirate sites in the search results and have now publicly taken steps in the right direction to disinfect the search results and make a solid effort to only display the legitimate sites hosting the eBook, music or movie being searched.

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Automatic vs Manual DMCA Takedowns

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dmca takedownAutomatic vs Manual

This is one of the largest growing debates in the modern world.  Here are some of the big ones:

Cameras: Manual gives you the ability to enhance, manipulate and master your photographs.  It will give you complete creativity so you can shoot the same “How the hell do they do that?!” photos.

Cars: Sure, automatic is fine if you just want to get from your house to work, while trying to not fall asleep in the process.  You have so much more control, it’s much safer and not to mention how powerful it makes you feel!  Alright, I just got sidetracked for a good hour daydreaming of sexy manual transmission cars such as: Aston Martin One-77Lamborghini Veneno and Bugatti’s Veyron Super Sport.

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Prevent eBook Theft – 3 Simple Points to Keep in Mind

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Stop eBook TheftAn author today was asking me how they can prevent eBook theft.  I know many authors, and most of them agree in the fact that they do not want to see people using their eBooks without authorization, whether for financial gain or any other reason.  I can’t blame them.  I know just how much time and energy is put into the creation of these eBooks.

Here are some simple points that will help you in preventing ebook theft:

  •  Make sure to always include a Copyright Statement and Terms of Use for your eBooks.
  • Store your eBook files in a safe place.  Are your files on your website, google drive, on your tablet or laptop, etc..  Make sure they are at least within a password protected directory.
  • Use an anti-piracy software package such as Virtual Vault or Secure-eBook.  Out of the many different ebook security programs I’ve tried, these are my favorites. Quick, easy and effective. 🙂

So, after many weeks or many months of writing your eBook, you finally have finished the final touches.  You can sit back, stretch and let out a long sigh of relief.  After you convert it to PDF or any other eBook format, you should re-read my simple points above and act on them to ensure you’ve at least put in an effort to prevent ebook theft.

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