Automatic vs Manual DMCA Takedowns

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dmca takedownAutomatic vs Manual

This is one of the largest growing debates in the modern world.  Here are some of the big ones:

Cameras: Manual gives you the ability to enhance, manipulate and master your photographs.  It will give you complete creativity so you can shoot the same “How the hell do they do that?!” photos.

Cars: Sure, automatic is fine if you just want to get from your house to work, while trying to not fall asleep in the process.  You have so much more control, it’s much safer and not to mention how powerful it makes you feel!  Alright, I just got sidetracked for a good hour daydreaming of sexy manual transmission cars such as: Aston Martin One-77Lamborghini Veneno and Bugatti’s Veyron Super Sport.

Trains:  Okay, some countries have automated systems (almost) down to an art Automated trains(Japan) but we still hear the devestating news regularly about automated subways and trains having disastorous consequences.




Narration (Speech-to-Text vs Keyboard Typing): While this automated typing may beVoice Recognition okay for those who cannot type, it frustrates the hell out of those of us who actually can type.  There are so many errors in spelling, punctuation and just weird random words that appear out of no where!  (okay, those are funny though)

I’m sure you’d agree with me and countless others who say Manual is the winner in terms of quality to all of the above.


Automatic vs Manual DMCA (Removal/Takedowns)

I know it may be tempting to go with the cheapest provider but… I’ve had many authors come to me at Stop eBook Theft to have my team continue their eBook removal & monitoring service after another Anti-Piracy company, who uses automatic removal bots, kept failing to do the job.  This popular anti-piracy company (I’m sure many of you use them, but I will withhold the name out of respect) didn’t just let 1 website slip through the cracks in illegally offering the author’s book for free…but instead, there were 15 websites (to 40 in some cases) which this other company did not catch.  I saw first hand that this company automatically captures many websites which they say are “hosting/offering” the authors eBook but in many cases that’s what’s called a false-positive: Many of those sites were legit and were only offering a review of the eBook and friendly conversations about it.  Some other sites it found were simply other eBook shopping sites where the author does receive a portion of the profits.  If the author(s) continued with this company and blindly let it automatically find and he/she were to remove whatever it found, the author would be shooting himself/herself in the foot!

Needless to say, after switching over to Stop eBook Theft and our manual methods of hunting down the offending websites, manually starting a conversation with each site owner and removing the illegal eBook listings, the authors were ecstatic! (a couple of which are shown in my testimonials)  Since with my team at Stop eBook Theft, there are a team of humans reviewing each website we find, you are sure to only have the illegal listings of your eBook(s) removed.

Here’s a popular example of how automated DMCA takedowns did not end well:

Do you remember not long ago when NASA’s “Mars Rover” landed on the mysterious martian planet?  The whole world was watching!  Well, the Mars rover did crash.. into an automated DMCA removal!  Now, the last time there were this many people watching something at once was the last Olympics.  It was a time of suspense, congratulations everywhere etc.. but the coverage of it was so hard to watch.. it was slow and choppy.  NASA saw this and prepared ever harder for their global audience which was expected to be in the very high millions of watchers.  Remember, even NASA are just humans, so they couldn’t prepare for everything.  Just an hour after the rover landed on the planet, a youtube channel which was airing everything….went black!  The only thing the world could now see was this:

stop ebook theft


Talk about Stopping the World!  No video of the alien world any longer, just an alien message which had replaced it.  So, NASA made this video publicly available on their official NASA youtube channel to document the landing of the $2.5 billion Mars rover (which was paid by the public tax dollars) and it was taken down by a private news station because of the automated DMCA removal service.  What an embarrassing and aggravating moment for NASA.   It was quite the lesson to be learned in automated DMCA removals vs manual removal service which humans actually take time to do quality checks before they jump the gun.

If you’d like to speak further about DMCA, automated vs manual or anything eBook piracy related, please contact us.  Also, if you have eBooks which you would like us to oversee the removal and/or monthly monitoring of, feel free to take a look at our products here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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